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Why Tech Innovators Should Invest in Value-Based Care Partnerships?

CMS is committed to moving 100% of Medicare beneficiaries into one of two value-based care arrangements by 2030, either an ACO or Medicare Advantage plan.1-2 This means that by 2030, we could have 77 million beneficiaries within value-based care programs.2 Value-based care has made notable progress in certain US markets. The ACOs in the South and Midwest appear to be the most promising for growth and innovation. These ACOs have the following characteristics:

  1. Demonstrated consistent positive financial performance in earned shared savings.

  2. Achieved an economy of scale within an AAPM having an average attributed patient population of 171,000.

  3. Are part of a clinically integrated network and/or a managed service organization with a diversified portfolio of payer contracts.

Please let me know what you think about my recommendations. Feel free to like or comment below. Are there other markets that you would recommend and why?

About the author: Jeff Lewis is an RN consultant at NextGen Executive Consultants LLC 1. The CMS Innovation Center’s Strategy to Support Person-centered, Value-based Specialty Care | CMS 2.


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