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Why Most Healthcare Technology Companies Will Fail

In the market today, there are at least 14 unique technology verticals within healthcare and 5-50 companies within each vertical making it difficult to know who to partner with on what. Most of these companies are likely to fail within 12-24 months because of a willful failure to appreciate and/or naiveté when it comes to:

1. Clinical Workflows

2. Payment Models

3. Regulations

4. Culture

5. Cybersecurity

6. Technical Gaps

While engaging with more than 30 CEOs and tech executives over the past 6 months, the above themes have become abundantly clear. We are likely to see a thinning of the technology herd and those that remain will have adequately understood and adjusted to the dynamics within healthcare.

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About the author: Jeff Lewis is an RN consultant at NextGen Executive Consultants LLC


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