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Three Easy LinkedIn Hacks That Will Give You More Traction for Your Business or Job Search

Hack #1. Add skills to your profile: LinkedIn is a skills-based application. If you don't have skills identified on your LinkedIn homepage, it will be harder for recruiters to find or match you for a position. However, if you have skills identified on your LinkedIn homepage a recruiter can quickly find and match you to an opportunity. This is also a great hack for your personal business.

Hack #2. Turn on the share all data functionality on your LinkedIn Homepage. Why do this? It may double the number of views you get by recruiters or someone looking for your help. To share all data first go to the job icon, then click application settings, after that turn on share all data. Share all data will make your resume visible to recruiters.

Hack #3. LinkedIn has a nicely formatted AI that generates personal messages from your Headline. This allows you to quickly send personalized notes to prospects, hiring managers and/or recruiters.

These three hacks alone get me 1-2 new opportunities on a daily basis. The first two hacks I learned from Jessica Hernandez, CPBS, CDCS. She has lots of great advice. I'm wishing you the best in your job search or new business venture.




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