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Healthcare Innovations Reconsidered: “Pick Your Partners Wisely”

As of late, I’ve noticed that technology executives are under immense financial pressure and as a result appear to be willing to partner with nearly any provider and/or payer to advance their solution in the market. Picking a partner needs to be a judicious process. Technology innovators may be better served by having a robust set of strategic criteria and questions to work through first. This may allow the tech-enabler to GO SLOW to GO FAST, avoiding the GO FAST then having to GO SLOW because of a failure to do the right level of upfront due diligence. Basically, slow down and make sure the provider and/or payer has the right complementing capabilities, culture, governance structures, and cybersecurity mechanisms. There doesn’t need to be a perfect match. However, if there is significant misalignment this may be disastrous.

Below are few strategic questions to consider when exploring potential payer/provider partnerships:

  • Do we have the right complementing capabilities & culture to work together in a synergistic way?

  • What current and emerging cybersecurity risks must we consider?

  • How can we narrowly scope the deployment and learn in the most controlled context with the fewest number of cofounding factors?

  • Which patients would be best served by this solution and what are their defining characteristics and needs?

  • What results do we expect to get by when, and what might be the unintended consequences of our partnership?

For further insights into the healthcare market and value-based care, I’ve provided links to two information rich articles from McKinsey & Company.

About the author: Jeff Lewis is a registered nurse and independent consultant at NextGen Executive Consultants LLC, a nurse owned business. He provides advisory services to technology innovators, health systems, and plans regarding transformational strategies in value- based population health management. #healthcare#work#cybersecurity#nurse#tech#strategyThe Nursing BeatBeyond the Bedside®Institute for Advancing Health ValueRace to ValueViVECHIMEHealthcare Technology Innovation Centre


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