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CMS Interoperability Final Rule May Enhance Prior Authorizations

CMS has made a significant change to its Interoperability Prior Authorization rule by requiring the use of APIs to automate processes for government payer types. This change may lead to better care coordination, increased efficiency, and improved patient outcomes. The CMS-0057-F rule has the potential to decrease information delays for prior authorizations, care transitions, payer-to-payer information sharing, and patients' access to real-time information. #CMSInteroperability #PriorAuthorization #HealthcareTechnology #APIs

Read more about this Final Rule and its potential impact on the healthcare industry in this article:

Author Jeff Lewis, CEO and Founder of (, Executive Coach and Consultant with over 16 years of leadership experience, is committed to changing the way healthcare is paid for and delivered so that it is safer, kind, equitable, efficient, and affordable for all.

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