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Advisory Board Member Appointment

Exciting news! I am pleased to announce my recent appointment as an Advisory Board Member for Trustworthy Technology and Innovation in Healthcare Book Series. Looking forward to contributing to this initiative and promoting the importance of trustworthy technology in healthcare.

The Trustworthy Technology book series is led by the Medigram team. Our advisory board includes many of the top people and all the functions needed to define, deliver, and create value and returns over the lifetime of healthcare technology companies. Our roster includes industry leading CIOs, CISOs, COO, top hospital and health technology operators, VP Policy for the CIO leadership organization, and former federal HHS official, serial, and current health tech CEOs, top life sciences senior executives, entrepreneurs, legal & regulatory, investors, finance and investment banking leaders, physicians, clinical value based care operations executive, Silicon Valley AI & Cybersecurity luminaries, university trustee, Stanford faculty of medicine, business, and engineering, IEEE standard officers, marketing experts, and more.

My unique contribution to this advisory board is to provide operational insights from a value-based care perspective utilizing my 16 years of clinical leadership experience on more than 200 clinical and business transformations in 20 states with more than 40 health systems. I am committed to changing the way healthcare is paid for and delivered so that it is safer, kind, equitable, efficient, and affordable. My participation on this world-class advisory board reflects my commitment to that end.


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